A New Day

So recently I have been sitting around and trying to think of something new to do with my life. I don’t want to say that I am unhappy with my life, but I think that maybe there is something more I can be doing with it. I have been thinking of what I can do and I think that I want to attend Rhema Bible College. We have friends that recently just got accepted to Rhema and they let us know how much it costs to attend for himself and his wife.

While it is cheaper than what I thought, it is something that I can not afford at this current time. So we have really set ourselves a date for trying to go out there to attend the college in two years. So if we can manage our money right and save, then we should be doing good and be ready to head out there in two years. I mean that is if we get accepted by Rhema Bible College to actually attend there.



It recently came to my attention that Blizzard and Scholastic are teaming up to produce a book series set in the World of Warcraft universe. The story will revolve around a child of a great explorer who gets lost at sea and must find his way home. He is an artist armed only with a sketch book and his desire to get home.

Website Update 2.0

So it has been a rough time since I last posted about updating the website. Though many good things have come to pass as well. I am one-half of the youth leader at my church now which is very exciting. I also recently switched my main character in World of Warcraft for the new expansion. Also we recently got a PS4 for the family to play games on which surprisingly doesn’t go over very well when Owen and Julianne fight.

So I am back now, and I will have updates very very soon.

Website Update

So as you may or may not have noticed I have imported over all my post from my other site which resulted in a giant mess with categories on my end that I was not expecting. So what I have done is deleted all my categories and started over from scratch so what does that mean for you? Well any and all posts that I have done are under Random and from this point on I will post stuff to the new categories.

I may later on go through if I can find time and fix my old post and put them in the proper categories if I have the time which I hardly doubt I will.

Until then, God Bless you all and thank you for sticking by me in this chaotic time, and if anyone knows how I can add my old URL from my previous site to this wordpress one, I would be eternally grateful.

Thank you,

Robert the Christian Gamer

Youtube Show

So I was thinking about starting a new youtube show that I would record and post once a week with my son, not my youngest one because hes only 8 months old, but with my elder son who is 9 years old. We both have a love for video games, especially World of Warcraft and I think we could have a lot of interesting stuff to talk about.

So hopefully with my new audio equipment that I got for making videos I can at least do a decent show.


So the new expansion has been released and I think this is the first time ever that one expansion has tied into another so fluidly as Warlords of Draneor turning to Legion. I am really surprised by the announcement, and I was really hoping for a return of the Burning Legion especially with Zapello being my baby, but this was a complete shock to me.

I am not going to lie to, but when I saw Illidan incased in that tomb and Gul’dan was empowering him I had a nerdgasim at my desk. I would like to say that Illidan is one of my favorite lore characters in World of Warcraft. He reminds me of Darth Vader, I totally good intention guy who does something stupid and then is totally hated for it, but saved the world. I really hope this can be a redemption story for him like how Vader returned to the light.

So we are getting a ton of new stuff which is mega awesome, especially a totally new class called the Demon Hunter, which is the class that Illidan is part of. Also you start out in the Black Temple as agents of Illidan going on a secret mission, come on how awesome is that. We are getting a new continent called, “The Broken Isles” where the Tomb of Sageras is located.

We are getting Artifact Weapons and I really hope that we can get both weapons for our dual specs, because otherwise if I have to chose between playing Retribution just to own Ashbringer and playing my favorite specialization of Protection with an unknown Artifact Weapon/Shield Combo I am not sure what to do. We are also getting Class Order Halls where all the members of the Class come together to join forces to battle the Burning Legion.

Of course we are getting a bunch of new Raids and Dungeons which is always nice!

The Next Expansion

This is the countdown to the Gamescon Convention where Blizzard will announce the new expansion. Also I wanted to say sorry for such a long hiatus from updating my website, the devil came at me hard and I was really down and out of it for a while. I have left my previous church for good and have found a new home at the original church that I grew up with, out in Whiting where my mother was born and grew up at.

I hope to have continued updates again, and I have started to live stream and make videos again for youtube, I hope you enjoy.

Heroes of the Storm

So my wife was on twitter the other day and she mentioned to me that if you get to level 20 in Heroes of the Storm you get a free pet for World of Warcraft. So while I never played the game to begin with, even though I was in the beta and never played, I downloaded the game. So after getting through the tutorial I am currently undefeated in the game which makes me very happy and I am really liking the game now. I am not happy with needing to buy the heroes you want to use, but I do like I can earn in game gold to buy them instead of spending real money.

I am only level 8 right now in the game but it does take quite a bit to level up and I am hoping to get at least level 10 by the end of the weekend. I am still playing World of Warcraft only playing my Paladin and Hunter now while still making bags on my Mage. I have finished everything available on my Paladin for the Legendary Ring quest line, while I have just started doing the quest line on my Hunter so I can have it all done before 6.2 comes out.

So right now I have been playing Raynor a ton even though I don’t even play Starcraft at all and I really have his talent tree and style of play down pat. I typically either pick the top or bottom lane and solo it and then I will start to work on the opposite side after I have managed to make a breech.

Raynor is a Renegade Commander. Ex-confederate marshal James Raynor has stood against whatever the universe can throw at him and survived with just a few scars and a penchant for Scotty Bolger’s whiskey. He now stands as a bright beacon of hope in the face of a corrupt government, enigmatic protoss, and ferocious all-consuming zerg…No wonder the man drinks.

What’s Wrong

So recently the new trend for World of Warcraft is people posting videos about what they need to change to make the game better as it continues on for the upcoming expansions. Though what I find to be wrong is the game having a lack of content that I want to do especially with the lack of having flying in the game. Now I am not saying that they need to introduce flying into the game to make it better, but without flying I have no interest anymore in doing certain content in the game.

Though the one thing that I think that needs to change for World of Warcraft to grow and mature, would be the actual player base and the mind set that everything we need is new content over and over again. We recently got a taste of going back and revisiting old content in a fresh new way which was very refreshing. When asking many players you will find that the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King expansions are there favorites and it wasn’t because those expansions had a lack of raiding.

The Burning Crusade expansion had so much content that included 8 different raids, tons of questing and lots of group content. The Wrath of the Lich King expansion had even more content and came with 9 different raids, epic quests and insane group content that I have only ever finished on one character still to this day. The Cataclysm, Mist of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor have so much less content and so many less raids, and it appears to be dwindling down more and more.

So why do you ask is this the reason for the lack of content that we are receiving as of late with every expansion because we simply ignore everything that has happened to the world. One of my favorite expansions of all time is the Burning Crusade, not only because it was something I had never seen before in my life but because the story was so amazing and well written. The questing was extremely enjoyable and you never knew what you were going to come across next, but there was so much left unresolved and wanting more.

So here we get Warlords of Draenor which is a really good expansion but extremely light on content, but the one thing that did occur was they used many of the old characters from Outlands in different ways which was exciting to be like, “oh my I remember him” moments. Though how many years have past since Outlands has been around, why not take that entire expansion and revisit it and yes I understand that Warlords of Draenor is a revision of Outlands but instead lets make it entirely new.

If you have a Warlock and were lucky enough to get the book to do the Green Fire quest chain then you know you revisit the Black Temple, and what you learn from Akama is some new lore about what Illidan was doing there in the Black Temple. What I am saying is why not have us going back to Outlands with new threats and a slightly different looking world. You could bust out another entire expansion with making some slight alterations to the landscape.

Maybe the Alliance or the Horde took over Hellfire Citadel, or maybe the Naaru have turned it into another neutral city for us to interact in, or maybe the Path of Glory is no longer paved with the dead Draenei bodies of countless slaves. Maybe the druids of Cenarion Expedition have managed to grow plants on Hellfire Peninsula and maybe its no longer called that. We have seen what Malfurion and his druids can do in the Firelands as we have managed to regrow vegetation during that mini event.

There is so much that is going on that maybe Auchindoun was finally rebuilt, or maybe the Black Temple is no longer the Black Temple or maybe with the introduction of a new Well of Eternity that the planet is going to reform and parts of the world lost could return. There is just so much that they could do with this expansion or Wrath of the Lich King expansion, like what has Bolivar done as the new Lich King. It would be amazing to see what happened with Ulduar and who moved in.

Even with the Cataclysm expansion there is plenty of things to see like Deepholm, Uldum and the Molten Front, or maybe find out what is underneath Lights Hope Chapel that Arthas was so afraid of during the Death Knight starting zone. Doing things like this would not only allow us to full fill many of our questions and excitement while giving Blizzard a chance to come up with original content for a mega new expansion with tons of raids and tons of quests and group content.

Just as a heads up you can see that World of Warcraft originally had 6 raids and 20 dungeons that you got to play and experience. The next in line would be The Burning Crusade which had a total of 8 raids and 16 dungeons to experience. The truly best one would be The Wrath of the Lich King which had 9 raids and 16 dungeons to keep you occupied. Then the decline came with Cataclysm which had only 6 raids and 12 dungeons to play with. Then it got worse with Mist of Pandaria which only had 5 raids and a measly 6 dungeons to do. Low and behold the worse of them all is The Warlords of Draenor which has only 3 raids and 8 dungeons.

Still Waiting

So I have been recently raiding on my Paladin in an attempt to finally finish out the Legendary Ring quest line. Sadly I have done all the bosses and I am still 81 Elemental Runes short for my third Elemental Tablet. Once I have all my tablets I will be able to move on with the quest chain and get myself prepared for the upcoming Patch 6.2.

I have really become disenchanted with World of Warcraft at this stage, with the lack of content currently in the game. I have even gone as far to actually start working on gathering all the enormous fish to unlock Nat Pagle. With the lack of flying in this expansion I have really no interest to fish for fun, or do archaeology with running everywhere all the time.

With the current state of the game, I just have absolutely no interest to keep playing any character other than my main, Zapello. I am only logging on my toons to get Salvage Crates for extra money, and my Mage is making Hexweave Bags. My Hunter is doing the Barn so I can farm Savage Blood to make another piece of 685 gear.

I have a one handed sword at 675, my googles at 685 and my tanking trinket at 685 which is my limit of 3 crafted items. I figure if I can get a better one handed weapon via Blackrock Foundry Garrison Mission, or during Patch 6.2, then I have enough mats on my Hunter to make either a 685 Ring or Necklace to replace it with.

If they just removed that stupid limit and I could finally have something to do again in the game by making myself all 685 gear and having fun!


My best friend of 26 plus years found out about nine months ago that his wife became pregnant with their first baby. I have been sending them clothes and keeping in touch and late last night she gave birth to a 8 pound baby boy. I just wanted to say way to go guys, and I wish you all the happiest times with your new bundle of joy!